Social Network Mixi's Up Designer Ramen

Just add hot water and MixiJust add hot water and Mixi
College students aren't the only net denizens who survive on little more than instant ramen (and beer). Japan's legions of online social networking fans love cup noodles (and beer, but I digress) - and there are a dozen ramen-related USB gadgets to prove it.

Now the movers and shakers at Japan's main online SNS (social networking site), Mixi, have hooked up with ramen-maker Acecook to create designer ramens worthy of any World Of Warcraft all-nighter.

It goes something like this... Mixi members who have joined a specified online social media community (the Ramen one has about 4,000 and is growing fast) get to suggest new cup noodle flavors they'd like to see Acecook make. Enough support from the community and voila: cup noodles with special Mixi logos start hitting the store shelves!

Some recent Mixi community-designed ramen flavors debuting in the next several weeks include Collagen Noodles, Bacon, Egg, & Vegetables, Ginseng Chicken and Milk Tantanmen. 

Community members with the courage to leave their basements will be able to sample some of the upcoming designer ramens at a meet, greet & eat party in Osaka this November 28. Can they handle real live networking for a change? BYO-USB, to be sure. (via CScout Japan)