'The Social Network' Movie Like 'Primary Colors' Portrays Flawed Leader

Columbia Pictures just released its first poster for the Facebook movie, titled 'The Social Network.' Portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Zuckerberg is viewed with a tagline that says it all… "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies." Is this a character flaw, or a necessary evil?

Based on Ben Mezrich's book "The Accidental Billionaire: The Founding of Facebook, A  Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal," I'm assuming producer Kevin Spacey and writer Aaron Sorkin felt that their tagline did a better job in capsulizing the trials and tribulations of the founder of Facebook, than Mezrich's book title.

With "privacy" the latest hurdle facing Mr. Zuckerberg, the movie attacks all the flaws and foibles that went into making this 26-year old what he is today, including an outstanding lawsuit by partners that say the conceptual origin of Facebook was stolen very early on its dormitory development at Harvard.

Nonetheless, having scaled to 500 million users, Zuckerberg is virtually in control of influencing the minds of more people than found in most nations. Like a sovereign leader of state or a politician that convinced voters of his legitimacy, he has ruffled a few feathers a long the way. That's inevitable. Take a look at the approval ratings of George W. Bush when he left office and Barack Obama's current slip in popularity today.

Similarly, when Bill Clinton was in office, the movie "Primary Colors" did not portray him in a very favorable light. His flaws included an ever-present grin masking insincerity for honesty and a number of sexual skeletons in a very crowded closet which could appear at any moment to sabotage his term in office. Yet this president was not only able to overcome his less than stellar character traits to go down in history as one of the nation's best.

Will Zuckerberg assume the same fate? Or will his growing number of his enemies start to eat into that 500 million milestone statistic, and turn his sovereign state into an ineffectual municipality?

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