Social Networking With The Simpsons, Zuckerberg Has A Cow, Man!

Is Facebook better suited for the small vs large Screen? With all the flack Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is receiving from the producers of the soon-to-be released movie "The Social Network," he's hoping to score some quality points with an image-makeover in a guest appearance on The Simpsons.

Released in The New York Magazine's Vulture report, its been reported that Zuckerberg has finished taping an appearance for an episode of The Simpsons' 22nd season. [Spoiler Alert:] What's known about the plot titled "Loan-A-Lisa" follows Lisa Simpson attempting to help Nelson Muntz launch a new bike company.

Lisa Simpson & Nelson MuntzLisa Simpson & Nelson MuntzWhen Lisa and Nelson attend an entrepreneurs' convention, the two meet up with Zuckerberg who reminds them of all the famous folks who dropped out of school to go on to become billionaires. Zuckerberg actually followed in his idol Bill Gates' footsteps by dropping out of Harvard University, relocating to the Silicon Valley, only to create the world's largest social network.

Since the rest of the plot has been kept under close wraps, it is speculated by Vulture and others that once Zuckerberg learns of Nelson's idea, he'll steal it to open up his own version of a bike company ( a la Facebook)!

However since the Nelson Muntz character is known to be Springfield's number-one bully, its very possible than in stead of a lawsuit, Zuckerberg gets his comeuppance with an quick uppercut followed by a couple of blows to his mid-section.

If Zuckerberg agrees to any of these satirical storylines, I think it would help him greatly in dealing with his harshest critics. A little self-effacement and the ability to laugh at one's self goes a long way in turning pubic opinion around.

The Simpsons TV show is known for its celebrity guest stars who often play themselves. Everyone from Lance Armstrong to Elizabeth Taylor and the Manning brothers have taken a turn on the show to voice their own likenesses.'s Jeff Bezos made a cameo last season on an episode called "Billionaire's Retreat." and the show has also mocked Steve Jobs and Apple fanboys.

Mel Gibson & Homer SimpsonMel Gibson & Homer SimpsonAnd as far as the show helping to re-build one's image, maybe a rerun of Mel Gibson's 1999 episode titled "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington," is in order to help that beleaguered actor turn his life around. Note the prophetic words from this episode when Mel admits that "its' Hell being Mel!"

Look for the Zuckerberg episode to air in early October, perhaps just in time for the Oct. 1 release of The Social Network. Let's see if the small screen is able to counter any of collateral damage that will emanate from the movie!