Socket To Me - The Old Power Bar With A Twist

A product to solve common conundrums, the Socket Sense lets power bars actually connect multiple devices. How electric.

Created by Ideative, a Texas-based design company -  that, BTW, may want to consider a name re-branding at some time in the future since its current moniker doesn't really smack of exemplary creative prowess - the Socket Sense is a power bar that does what a power bar should - give users the ability to connect more than one plug.

Oh sure, power bars advertise themselves this way, but few live up to their own hype. Admittedly, this is partly the fault of electronic device manufacturers who have no set standard for plug-in shape, length or width. A two-prong plug on one device may be twice as large as a three-pronger from another, and some have odd extended bits of plastic or excessively firm cords that tend to encourage the screaming of profanities in large amounts and at high volumes.

Worse still are the times when a six-socket bar can only hold five devices, and the dreaded bar-to-bar connection must be made - an affront against the deities of electrical protection themselves.

Being bright Texans, the Ideative team got to work and designed the Socket Sense. All it really does differently from current power bars are two things - but they're two pretty damn awesome things. First, the sockets can be "pulled apart" along the Socket Sense's telescoping bar. This gives them more than the standard .0014th of an inch present between most power bar sockets. The sockets can be pulled apart individually or all at once, depending on how daring you feel.

Second, the sockets are angled 45 degrees.

Oh hell yes.

It expands: It turns. Winner!It expands: It turns. Winner! 

This means that the unwieldy plug that would take up two or three spaces were it to be fit into a "normal" bar suddenly takes up just one - its own - leaving the other five free for other actual devices. Brilliant!

Overall, that seems to be the reaction. It is a simple design, comes with the same surge protection one would expect of a standard bar, and looks just about the same to boot. 

Power to the people!

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Source:  Ideative

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