Socks With Holes: Innovative Fashion?

Socks with holes already build in? Who would think of making something like this?

SANS for one has. Sans' Hole Sock Collection has the holes already built in, creating a fun pair of socks with a ‘peep show'. You can wear them with sneakers or team them up with stilettos to reflect a fun twist to your personality. But beware; wearing them too long out in the sun might give you odd patches of tanned skin on your legs.

Sans has a partnership with Trees for the Future, wherein a tree is planted every time someone orders a pair of socks from this quirkily cozy collection.

SANS ‘Holey Socks' are available in either knee length or crew sock version. Made from recycled fine organic pima cotton with lycra and nylon for stretch and resiliency, the knee highs retail at $30 and the crew socks are $28.