Vending Machine Doles Out Soda 12 at a Time

Sometimes, it's the simplest invention ideas that are most successful. Melvin Eaker and Dan Cooper, the founders of E&C Manufacturing, are hoping their Sodamatic Vending Machine will fit into that category.

Melvin Eaker (left) and Dan Cooper stand in front of the Sodamatic Vending Machine.Melvin Eaker (left) and Dan Cooper stand in front of the Sodamatic Vending Machine.Instead of dispensing a single can or bottle of soda or water, the vending machine doles out 12 packs. That can come in pretty handy for folks having get togethers or those who just want an ample supply of caffeine or water without having to actually run into a store.

"The idea came to Dan, who owns self-vending ice machines," Melvin Eaker told the Lubbock-Avalanche Journal. "It occurred to him that if people can get ice from a vending machine, how come they can't get more than one drink?"

Upon hearing his friend's idea, Eaker, who is an expert mechanic, took on the job of designing the machine. The two then started a corporation called E&C Manufacturing and are working on patenting their invention.

To actually build the machine, the duo had Lubbock-based BC Supply do the job, and Automated Controls in Lamesa installed the electronics.

According to Eaker, "Anyone or any company could use one of these. They could put these at a variety of places like in front of supermarkets and stores, or even at sporting events for tailgaters. Anywhere you can think of."

So far, the pair is still coming up with a price for the machine. But they are hoping to introduce the machines to the market very soon.

This one sounds like a pretty cool idea to me. What do you think?

Source: The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal