Soda Pop Bra and Panties Easy On The Eyes Better for The Environment



Designer Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch's has done something very interesting and sexy with recycled aluminum this time. If you've seen the picture above you know I'm talking about lingerie. That's right, she has made lingerie out of recycled soda cans.

Can it be worn? Probably not and if it could be it probably would not be comfortable. Still it is quite attractive and colorful underwear. This particular brustier is made of recycled coca cola cans and it comes with matching panties and garter, but soda pop lingerie isn't all she makes. She has created many innovative pieces from recycled material. Her work has even been featured throughout the United States in galleries, museums, books and magazines.

What is her ultimate goal? The Lindagass website has this quote from her: "My goal in my work is to draw the viewer in to take a closer look at materials and objects that ordinarily go unnoticed and see them in a new light." She definitely has seen them in a new light and her work is intricately beautiful.

If you would like to see more of her work take a look at her photo album on Flicker. To read more about Ingrid and how the recycling tradition continues in her family with her children and their artwork link here.

Via Treehugger and Lindagass