Sofa Community: Savvy Seating for the Socially Minded

Czech designer Martin Zampach has come up with a couple of cool modular seating systems based on the idea that face-to-face interaction in this age of electronic communication is becoming somewhat of a rarity. He knows that the fast pace of today's society allows us to accomplish more work in a shorter time, and while that's great and all, we still need to set aside time for relaxation and fun with our loved ones.

Sofa Community v.2Sofa Community v.2

To solve this growing problem of isolation and feelings of being "alone with everyone," he's envisioned the idea of a Sofa Community which can either nudge strangers into interacting, or allow for an expanded circle of camaraderie amongst friends.

sofa community v.1sofa community v.1

For more spacious houses, this might be a good way to accommodate larger groups without having to worry about pulling in extra seating from the garage. Or for a public venue this modular seating arrangement may foster the meeting of new people and the broadening of one's social sphere with its endless placement options.

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Jun 27, 2008
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