SofaHanger: Adding a New Dimension to Sofas

Relaxing on the couch with a chilled drink or a warm mug of coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon...bliss isn't it? But every time I need a sip of the drink, I need to get up from the couch to reach for the glass or mug. Takes away half the fun.

But with the SofaHanger, things might get easier. The SofaHanger is a contraption made of aluminium with a walnut veneer. It is made to measure to fit on the arms of any sofa. VANPEY, the manufacturers guarantee that the SofaHanger is unbreakable, light and flexible. The SofaHanger has been designed by Ralf Paul Schmitz of VANPEY and is made in Germany.

Get the SofaHanger and get ready to enjoy your drinks, while sitting on the sofa. No more stretching or stepping around. The classic style will complement most interior spaces.


Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer

Jul 31, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


I could see that (and whatever it is holding) getting knocked over by the person or a dog/cat and really making a mess.  Coffee tables are better, but if this another one of those "space-saving" techniques, I guess it is better than nothing--if you are careful.