Soft Body Armor: Lightweight Shield Offers Serious Slash Protection

The general public doesn't and really has no need to know much about body armor. For those who put their lives on the line every work day however, these life preservers are as vital to existence as healthy meals. There are two types of body armor; hard and soft. Hard armor is usually reserved for bullet protection and is made of ceramic, a solid composite, or steel, while a stab-proof soft armor vest is usually comprised of synthetic materials, like Kevlar and the Spectra Shiled, and is effective against the majority of stabbing attacks. There has always been, at least until now, a trade-off  with body armor between protection and comfort.


TurtleSkin Security Shirt: Source: TurtleSkinTurtleSkin Security Shirt: Source: TurtleSkin


Who is Turtleskin?

This company is so respected for the quality of its products that the United States government provides up to 50% funding for the purchase of TurtleSkin Body Armor by state and local law enforcement personnel. Known in the industry as the Corrections Experts, this relates to their high performance garments that offer to corrections officers superior protection from all types of stab wounds. This body armor is specifically designed to reduce non-penetrating injuries associated with blunt trauma to the chest and torso. The armor is comfortable, concealable and customized to fit both men and women.


Women's TurtlesKin BladeTec T: Source: TurtleSkinWomen's TurtlesKin BladeTec T: Source: TurtleSkin


The security industry welcomes TurtleSkin's sleeveless and long-sleeved T-shirts, whose  breathable and concealable thin layer of clothing offers soft armor protection from blades and sharp cuts. TurtleSkin Metal Flex Armor (MFA) is an ultra modern wearable tech stab armor material, which can be combined with more conventional textiles to form a powerful shield against knives, spikes and hypodermic needles. These T-shirts with their flexible and lightweight panels can be worn either alone or under another garment, and this soft body armor is also available in long-johns, boxers and neck guards.

The TurtleSkin Concealable Corrections Vest

TurtleSkin Concealable Corrections Vests and Turtleskin Cell Extraction Vests are made with TurtleSkin MFA. They are representative of the first body armor stab material that provides protection from knives, edged weapons, spikes and needles in one thin, flexible and lightweight panel. These vests do not offer ballistic protection but improve overall performance of a ballistic body armor package by further reducing blunt trauma.


Concealable Corrections Vest: Source: TurtleSkinConcealable Corrections Vest: Source: TurtleSkin


Special features of TurtleSkin MFA

TurtleSkin's unique platform technology combines high-performance textiles with solid elements that can be customized to attain any desired weight, flexibility, price and threat level. This soft body armor is available only to Body Armor Manufacturers (BAMs) outside of North America. Corrections/ law enforcement officers, military personnel and certain private security staff within North America can purchase the product line of innovative body armor from Warwick Mills.

Challenges with soft body armor

The protection offered by soft body armor is not perfect and stabs from axes, adzes, digging picks, spears and lances can override stab-resistant materials. At some angles, weapons can slide or deflect off the edges of the armor. Even with successful deflection, there is usually some resulting injury, whether it be bruising, broken bones or internal damage. No  vest on earth can make any mortal human being completely impervious to bodily harm.

The future of soft body armor

TurtleSkin Body Armor offers a new approach to personal safety, with testng methods that go above and beyond industry requirements because lives depend on it.

So if you are in need of soft body armor. why not take a stab at TurtleSkin products?

Closing thoughts on personal safety:

The door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense..~ Anonymous




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