Soft Fan Provides Cooling Breeze, Protects Curious Fingers


Many toddlers and young children are attracted to static or oscillating fans, often with regretful results. The "Soft Fan" from Omuniguro Japan addresses this important issue by being as kid-friendly as possible while still performing its prime function.
Fan designers have historically struggled with the need to maximize air flow while at the same time keep objects both animate and inanimate from coming into contact with rapidly spinning metal fan blades.

Looking a lot like a stylized flower, the Soft Fan has no mesh guard for its blades - it doesn't need one. The wide, paddle-shaped blades spin at a relatively slow rate (it's recommended for use in small rooms) and polyurethane resin composition makes them palpably soft to the touch.

The design is kinda cute & cartoonish - ideal for a child's bedroom or playroom. The Soft Fan is available on Amazon Japan and at Tokyu Hands department store where it retails for 2,350 yen (about $25). Besides pink, the fan comes in green and white though promotional images show other colors. (via Metropolis)

EDITOR'S NOTE:  A simliar soft blade fan is available in the U.S. here.

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Aug 28, 2009
by Anonymous

where can you order/buy this in the US?

I love this fan, where can I get it in the US?