Soft Pretzels Without The Hassle Of Going To The Mall

Soft pretzels are one of those great snacks that go with baseball games, Renaissance festivals, and trips to the mall. Among all of the snacks you can purchase from vendors at these types of venues, pretzels are Soft Pretzel Maker by Nostalgia ElectricsSoft Pretzel Maker by Nostalgia Electricsprobably one of the healthiest when you put them up against fried pickles and fried macaroni and cheese on a stick. So why not make a few at home for special occasions like game day and any day that you survive life?

Pretzels are reported to have been around since 610 A.D. The stories of where and how they originated vary widely depending on the area of Europe telling the story. The one thing that these stories have in common is that they are tied to Christian religious practices or people. The most commonly spread story is that they were created by a monk to give to children as a treat for learning their prayers. The traditional pretzel twist is thought to resemble a child's arms folded in prayer.

Soft Pretzel Maker by Nostalgia ElectricsSoft Pretzel Maker by Nostalgia ElectricsSoft pretzels have become a kind of comfort food whether you like them with mustard, cheese, or a little cinnamon and sugar. With the Soft Pretzel Maker by Nostalgia Electrics you can make your own in the comfort of your own kitchen as well.

As everyone knows soft pretzels are best when they are fresh and hot out of the oven. With changeable plates you can make six small or two large at a time. Indulge that concession stand obsession. Make a bunch for that special party you are planning and thrill your friends. 

Just think of how wonderful those baking pretzels will make your house smell too. It'll be like having grandma on call 24/7.

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