The Solafeet Eliminates Unsightly Shoe Tans

All those who are still avid sun worshippers likely spend a lot of time working on the ‘perfect’ tan.  Achieving an even tan takes some effort and sometimes some added help.  If you spend a lot of time either working or playing out in the sun and have shoes on for most of that time then you are sure to develop a funny looking tan that ends around the ankles or has odd patches here and there.

The Solafeet foot tanner is made to take care of those pasty tootsies so that you can wear your sandals and strappy heels without fear of ridicule.  Its design allows users to tan all areas of the feet including the ankles, sides and back.  It can even be adjusted to tan higher up the ankle if you have developed an unfortunate sock tan.  The unit meets FDA standards for UV exposure and is meant to be used in 15 minute increments.  In addition, it comes with a protective pair of goggles to shield your eyes from the bulb light.

The makers say that you can achieve perfectly tanned feet with one session a day for 5-10 days, depending on your skin type.  Being much the same size and shape as a portable foot spa, the Solafeet could easily be used while working at a desk or sitting in front of the TV. (Buy here)