Solar-Powered Jackets Charge Phones: Innovative, Classy and Cool!

 Have you ever been out and about when your mobile device decides to run out of power? Admit it now; it happens to all of us once in a while. Companies have responded to that situation by creating a bunch of solar-powered products that need to be charged before you can bring them along for your ride or your walk or whatever you have in mind.

Clothing giant, Tommy Hilfiger  has created an innovative portable charger that is wearable and goes wherever you dare to. His clothing company has launched a line of solar-powered jackets for both men and women  that have the capacity to charge your phone or mobile tablet. Created with the collaborative efforts of Brooklyn, New York-based, innovative solar products manufacturer, Pvilion, the jackets are equipped with an array of solar panels for charging various gadgets.


Solar-Powered Men's Jacket: Source: Tommy.comSolar-Powered Men's Jacket: Source:


Special features of these solar-powered jackets

Featuring a Scots tartan design, these jackets  are made with amorphous silicon technology and fitted with water-resisitant, flexible solar panels that easily snap on and off. One of the front pockets of these limited edition jackets house a cable-equipped battery pack which has a double USB port and can charge two devices at once.


Solar-Powered Women's Jacket: Surce: Tommy.comSolar-Powered Women's Jacket: Surce:


The battery is so powerful that at full capacity it can charge a 1,500 mAh device up to four times. The time involved in garnering solar power from full sunlight is unpredictable, and if the wearer is an impatient sort, the battery can be pulled out and charged via an external power outlet or laptop. The battery pack can also store energy when not in use.

The jackets weigh four pounds and come with a one year limited warranty. They are expensive (about $600) and are available from both the Tommy Hilfiger website and other selected stores. They are limted edition only and 50% of all proceeds are slated for the Fresh Air Fund.


Solar Fleece Jacket-Back View: Source: JustStyle.comSolar Fleece Jacket-Back View: Source:


The future of solar-paneled apparel

It is essential that the modern world seek sustainable power alternatives if there is to be any hope for future generations. These specialty jackets that utilize solar power  may well start a mainstream trend  in clothing manufacture. While time will tell on this particular outerwear, there is no question that they symbolize a growing awareness of the need for sustainable power sources.

Closing thoughts on solar power:

The use of solar energy has not opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun. ~Ralph Nader

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