Solar Powered Light And Charging Device Pays It Forward

WakaWaka Solar Charger & LED Light: Solar power that gives backWakaWaka Solar Charger & LED Light: Solar power that gives back


Currently, there are more charging gizmos for mobile devices on the market than you can shake a stick at. They all have a fresh, new angle of some sort besides being a standard charger, but one of them is actually paying it forward when you purchase it. It’s a solar powered light doubling as a charger that’s roughly the size and shape of the average smartphone. It connects to your device through a micro USB port to give you a full charge in just two hours. This is the standard amount of time for electronic chargers, so that’s pretty impressive.

Paying it Forward

The cool thing is — besides its green, ecofriendly technology — that for each of these solar light/chargers that are sold the company behind the devices claim that a light will be given to one of the millions of people around the world without access to electricity. Better yet? You apparently have some say in where it’s going. That’s because a code is said to be included in the charger's packaging that allows you to choose where in the world the contribution is given.

Multifaceted Solar Charger

Besides reducing your carbon footprint, a solar powered charger would come in super handy for things like power outages, camping trips, hiking, hunting, fishing excursions and lots of other applications. The multifaceted device also provides light for up to 150 hours and even features an SOS emergency beacon setting for outdoorsy applications. This feature could also be a lifesaver should you be involved in an accident or become lost. The product would work well with other off-the-grid tech devices like the GoTenna.

Solar Charger Features

The sturdy yet lightweight solar charger/light is made almost entirely from recycled plastics and is only 4.75" L x 3" W x .7" H in size, so it’s easily stowed for carrying anywhere. The light portion of the device is LED and the unit is compatible with any device with a micro USB connection. The entire product can be cleaned with a damp cloth. This could be the perfect gift for anyone with an eye toward environmental consciousness and/or avid outdoorsmen. It would also make a great gift for kids to give to dads.


If you’re wondering who makes it, the answer is WakaWaka. WakaWaka Power, as it’s called, is capable of charging virtually any kind of smartphone or small electronic device within a few short hours after gaining a full battery from 12 hours of sunlight. It has four light settings that range from 5 to 75 lumens, for all the light you’ll need. And, due to its flexible positioning, you can use it on a tabletop or suspend it from something like hanging it from a hook or a ceiling. It also features a round cutout for perching it on a bottle top.

Solar Products

WakaWaka also sells solar powered flashlights and something they’re billing as the ultimate all-in-one compact solar powered first-aid kit that charges multiple cell phones on a single charge. It’s called the WalkWalka Base 5, and its 5,000mAh battery can achieve a full charge in just 4 to 8 hours in the sun. If you or someone you know are adventurers, any of these products would work well with your lifestyle.