Solar Powered Medical Rucksack Cleans, Disinfects And Sterilizes Instruments

 The Solar-Powered Rucksack for Sterilization of Medical Instruments: Infection in developing countries is one of the leading causes of deathThe Solar-Powered Rucksack for Sterilization of Medical Instruments: Infection in developing countries is one of the leading causes of death


One of the most prevalent problems in developing countries is sterilization. This is especially true for medical facilities and practitioners faced with limited resources for the disinfection of surgical instruments. Infection is one of the leading causes of death in many places around the world, and infectious diseases such as AIDS or tuberculosis are passed on because of non-sterile surgical instruments. Thanks to a new solar-powered device called the “medical rucksack,” a lot of that could be about to change. So, what’s a medical rucksack? It’s a clever invention that makes use of solar power for the purpose of cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing contaminated surgical instruments.

Medical Instrument Sterilization

A small group of developers in Germany is behind the invention, and last year they began a Crowdfunding project in an effort to get the device off the ground. They envision it being sold to businesses, private persons and NGOs “who tend to be socially engaged,” as they put it. It has already been tested for technical feasibility at the University of Kassel in Kassel, Germany. This project is just one of many in the works by people looking to improve living conditions and to alleviate human suffering throughout the world.

Solar-Powered Devices

Due to an integrated water treatment plant within the solar-powered device, it produces the clean water necessary for sterilization efforts — even from contaminated river or seawater. It is completely self-sufficient and independent of any supply of electricity or gas, so it can be used in remote rural areas where modern conveniences are not the norm. Even on cloudy days the device can still be operated through emerging battery storage technology. This capability is now routinely seen with dozens of solar-powered products, making them far more feasible to use.

Continuing Medical Technology

Because most conventional devices require a stable power source and distilled water, they are unsuitable for developing areas. It is the hope of the developers that the medical rucksack will skirt those problems and still deliver reliable performance. The device is said to be consistent with CE regulations, extremely durable (it’s intended for routine transportation) and easily operated. While the device will not be available until mid 2016, the group behind it has stated that some big companies as well as private persons have already made confirmed reservations for the rucksack.

Medical Rucksack Facts & Figures

The prototype for the surgical sterilizer has shown to be able to effectively treat raw water sources such as wells, rivers and lakes through a treatment process using filtration and distillation. The resultant product water quality is free from particles > 0,3µm, minerals and heavy metals. It washes and disinfects at 93°C, providing a reduction of germs at about 10e-5, and can be run for three to four cycles per day. As far as sterilization, the treatment processes sterilizes using steam at more than 120°C for 15 minutes with a reduction of germs until 10e-6.

 Crowdfunding & Support

If you’re interested in supporting this worthy project or you’d like more information on it, you can direct your inquiries to Raphael Schönweitz or go to their website.


Rucksackspende - Crowdfunding Project from Maximilian Wagener on Vimeo.