Solar Sunglasses You Can Never Forget Or Lose

 Tzukuri, an Australian company based in Sydney, has initiated a new line of fashion eye-wear soon to be available to the sunglass-toting public. These are not just sunglasses, as their mission is to always stay in touch  with whoever is lucky enough to own and wear them! These innovative shades appeal to one of two prevailing mindsets associated with buying a pair of sunglasses. While some people, knowing how forgetful they are, stick with cheaper pairs, others believe that fashion and craftsmanship are worth all the risks.


Tzukuri Sunglasses: Source: Ecouterre.comTzukuri Sunglasses: Source:


How do these solar sunglases work?

Every pair of these solar-powered, battery-efficient sunglasses  have an embedded chip and a solar cell. This chip communicates with your iPhone via the iBeacon technology from Apple and Bluetooth Low Energy in case you walk away without your sunglasses. This new technology draws very little power and the app will not drain the battery on your iPhone. The app sends out an alert if you walk more than 15 feet away from your sunglasses and continues to send it up to 82 feet (25 meters).

How do these alerts work?

These alerts are sent at different distances unless you clear one of the notificaitons. In case you fail to notice the alerts, the special app records the last location of the glasses so that you can go back and find them without disrupting sofas or carpets or anyone unfortunate enough to be sitting or standing on either one. Alerts are automatically turned off if the wearer is either at home or at work. If you misplace your sunglasses at home, simply open the app and you can find out how far away they are.


Solar Sunglasses: Source: Gizmag.comSolar Sunglasses: Source:


The  frames are hand-made in Japan from plant-based acetate and come in three sizes, which have been sculpted using 3-D scans of thousands of faces. There are six different styles, each available in solid black or tortoise patterns and embedded with a beacon that connects the shades with the wearer's smartphone. Each solar-powered pair features polarized, anti-scratch lenses with 100% UV protection. Inspirations for the designs came from the worlds of fashion, high society, politics and the cinema. Some names include: GraceKelly, JFK, Truman Capote, John Lennon and contemporary designer, Tom Ford.


Solar Shades: Source: RedesignRevolution.comSolar Shades: Source:



Beyond keeping track of your glasses, Tzukuri plans to relase an app in 2015 that will permit diverse user interactions. One of them will be the ability of the sunglasses to alert the wearer's friends when he or she is near. The company was taking pre orders ($100 deposit) with hopes of making its first shipment this month, but now pairs cannot be reserved until further notice.

Hang on. Your unforgettable sunglasses will soon be available.

Closing thoughts on sunglasses:

Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses. ~ Lady Gaga

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Superb Initiative! Great

Superb Initiative! Great news!