Solar Breeze Pool Robot: More Time Skinny Dipping, Less Time Cleaning

Did you ever wonder why see a whole lot of people with sweat gushing down their faces all July and August, but not a whole lot of pools in your neighborhood? Sure, money can explain some of it, but even in well-to-do neighborhoods most houses don't have a pool sitting in the backyard.

That's because the pool is basically one big, headache-creating piece of work. And homeowners have enough to worry about; why add alkalinity testing, skimming, draining, scrubbing, closing and opening to the mix? It's just a lot of work and worries for three months worth of refreshment. 


I'd like to think that one day we'll have realistic topless female robots (or males for the stereotypical wealthy- but-lonely housewife) that can take care of all of that tedious maintenance while pool owners enjoy a colada in their lounge chairs.

Nothing like that has popped up yet, but the Solar-Breeze has brought us one step closer.  A solar-powered skimmer, the Breeze basically floats around your pool all day and all but eliminates the need for a manual skimmer. Like any product nowadays, the Solar-Breeze also offers some green benefits. Not only is it solar-powered but since it spends time taking all the debris out of your pool, it eases the demand on the pump and filter, saving energy. With its lithium-ion battery pack, the bot-skimmer is even able to clean into the night. 

Now I don't know how well the relatively small Solar-Breeze will actually clean your pool, and I don't know how much energy costs it will save you, but I do know this: cleaning pools blows and being able to dive right in without chewing on fallen leafs and downed horseflies is pretty intriguing. It might be worth a go, if you have an extra $500 to dedicate to your pool.

Yes, this video sounds like a 1970s school documentary meets dentist office music, but it explains the Solar-Breeze pretty well. 

Solar Breeze via GadgetCrave 


Sep 11, 2010
by Anonymous

I thought of this just

I thought of this just before it came out! I was thinking of a solar powered pool skimmer like the roomba but for pools. I also thought of a submersible bot that can attach itself to the pool walls and floor skimming it for algae and what not. But i was like, how many pool owners would buy this product, and left it for a few days. But out of curiosity a few days later, I figured lets see if this product exists and It had just came out! but im sure the inventor thought of it long before I did.

Amazing how people can think of ideas at nearly the same time.

Sep 12, 2010
by Chris Weiss


Yes, makes it difficult to come up with something truly original! So many people, so many ideas. The submersible sounds like one of the missing pieces of the puzzle, though--throw in a chemical-testing bot, and you could all but forget about maintenance.