Solar City to Provide Charging Stations for Tesla Owners

One of the problems plaguing the all electric vehicle market is the issue of charging. Not only are there going to be problems when everyone comes home for the day and plugs in, but the issue of traffic and wrong turns could also spell disaster for more than a few motorists. For some California commuters however, a new solution is in the works.

A joint effort between SolarCity and Rabobank, the project would call for the construction of a series of quick charge stations scattered along Highway 101 running between San Francisco and Las Angeles. There are currently four charging stations in operation, one of which is fully solar powered. Eventually, all of the quick charging stations will draw power from a solar array.

Interestingly enough, the only vehicle currently able to use the charging stations is the Tesla Roadster. This is problem SolarCity is planning on fixing in the near future by retrofitting the charging adapters to work with any EV. Currently, the stations can bring a fully depleted Roadster to 100% battery in about three and a half hours.

Plans to extend the network are already in place and could extend all across the west coast if the need calls for it.

Solar City
Nov 15, 2009
by Anonymous

Expand this worldwide

Need these EV charger stations alone worldwide vs US & CA State.

Ideal sites:

No Africa- Heavy Sun areas.