Solar Hats & Mittens Combine Style And Warmth For Winter Accessories

The cooler weather is rolling in, and it's time to start hunting for fashionable accessories that are also warm. Let's face it, those two things are usually at odds with each other, but there's one set of hats and mitts that might finally make them a reality.

Endless Warm Solar Winter AccessoriesEndless Warm Solar Winter Accessories

The Endless Warm hat and glove set was a finalist in Designboom's Green Life contest, a title that they really do deserve by combining an eco-friendly concept, with style and function (yup, now we're up to three things typically at odds with each other).  The winter accessories feature solar panels that turn the warmth of the sun into heat that converts the hat and gloves into little incubators designed to keep you warm. The design of these winter accessories focuses on minimizing bulk, which enhances style!

The Endless Warm hat and glove set looks good, and will certainly feel good for winter warmth!

Via: Ecouterre