10 Decorative Solar Lights That Make Romance At Night

I've totally fallen for the gorgeous solar garden lights created by Allsop Home and Garden, and I've picked 10 of them to share with you.  The photos are delightful, of course, but all of them are taken in spring or summer settings.  I don't know what it is about these lights, but I see them cropping up among the tree icicles and the clean snow mounds on the ground.  So romantic! Just look at them and let them dazzle you!

Each of the beautifully-crafted hand-blown glass or silk designs comes with a telescoping (42" - 5') stainless steel solar stake, a planting stake tip, and two AA rechargeable batteries.  The sculptures are lovely by day, when their solars are powering up, and so stunning by night, you'll want to stay up all night basking in their glow.  But I'm getting carried away again...

Here are 10 of many decorative solar lighting designs from Allsop's garden...


1.   Orange Poppy Solar Lighted Flower Stake

 (Product page)






 2.  Soji Pearl Motif Modern Solar Hanging Lantern

 (Product page)




3.   Soji Moss Green Silk Effect Hanging Lantern

 (Product page)




4.  Aurora Glow Glass Solar String Lights With Amber LEDs

(Product Page)



 5.  Magenta Blossom Solar Lighted Flower Stake

(Product page)




6.   Blue Finial Firefly Solar Lighted Flower Stake

(Product page)





 7.  Soji Pod Solar Lanterns

ChartreuseMarigold, Poppy




8.  Swirling Heart (Valentine's Day) Solar Stake With Amber LED

(Product page)



9.   Soji Original Solar Lanterns

(Product page for eight colors)


10.   Set of 4 Allsop Solar Lighted Flower Stakes

(Product page)



Well, I guess these decorative lights would look great in any season, and they would definitely make it worthwhile to watch the blowing leaves reflect in them at night.  But these lights need SUN, not just light, to shine their best at night.  It is possible that you will have to place them in a special sunny place during the day and replace them at night to their show-off spots. 

Allsops Home & Garden has prepared an instruction video on hanging the Soji Solar Lanterns; you can catch it on YouTube.



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