Solar Moving Musical Light For Halloween Décor?

via Loop.pHvia Loop.pH

Halloween is upon us and as the time approaches some Halloween celebrating fanatics (people I know personally) will go crazy trying to outdo their neighbor with the best Halloween decor. If only they could get their hands on a SonUmbra. They could take their décor to an eerie level.

The SonUmbra is a solar powered upside down umbrella/tree designed by Loop.pH. During the day the tree, like a real tree, provides shade. At night the tree turns on using the energy harnessed by the solar cells implanted in the fabric of the tree.

The tree is designed to interact with people moving about the tree. To do this as people move about the tree, the tree lights up and emits sound. To see how watch this spooky sounding video at the Loop.pH website.

So, is this SonUmbra spooky enough for Halloween décor? Maybe. It doesn't have much of a frightening look and was actually created in an effort to help people, but accompanied by that eerie sound in the video this amazing solar innovation sounds perfect for Halloween. Unfortunately, it is still only a concept.

For more information on the SonUmbra visit the Loop.pH website here

Via Inhabitat