Solar Planet, the Interplanetary Orrery that Runs on the Sun

Galileo would have loved the Solar Planet from Elekit but then again, wasn't he already in enough trouble over that telescope thing? Demonstrating this cool, solar-powered orrery in medieval Tuscany; yep, that's a burnin' at the stake.

We've come a long way since then, which is fortunate for the 10-year-olds or over to whom Elekit recommends Solar Planet.

Elekit also advises that assembling this kit should take about 1.5 hours. Kids in countries where Japanese isn't normally spoken may find it takes somewhat longer.

Elekit seems to have designed the model JS-6791 Solar Planet kit not just for budding Galileos (Galileii?) but for miniature Michaelangelos (Micha – never mind) as well: the 8 plastic planets and central sun are rendered in yellow, ready to be painted with as much accuracy as possible.

At least the sun can remain unpainted, which is nice. Another thoughtful touch is the inclusion of a translucent cover for your painted Earth, meant to represent our planet's atmosphere. Dorothy was right: there's no place like home.

Once completed, show your simulated solar system some summer sunshine and watch the celestial orbs do their magical dance. Crack a Mona Lisa-esque smile knowing that with each heavenly revolution, assorted stick-in-the-mud popes, cardinals and inquisitors are simultaneously spinning in their graves. Karma... it's a heck of a dogma. (via Impress Watch)