Solar Power Gets Wheelchairs Rolling in Taiwan

The world is all about making equal opportunities for every sort of person, and now the physically disabled has the opportunity to save the environment while improving their own personal quality of life. A research team from Southern Taiwan University of Technology has developed the first solar powered wheelchair. Sold for an even cheaper price than current manual and electrical models, the solar powered wheelchair can cut down the amount of manufacturers’ electronic waste produced.

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Solar powered wheelchairs can also last longer than a typical chair, since it doesn’t have to be charged up in the same manner. Using renewable energy sources brings convenience not only to the environment but to the owner as well.

As a winner of a recent university contest, the chair is on its way to becoming mass produced and the team responsible for its design has applied for a patent. Since Taiwan has a high level of wheel-chair users within its population, the solar powered chair is sure to meet great success both locally as well as overseas.

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Source: Taipei Times

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Dec 18, 2007
by Doug (not verified)

Something like this would

Something like this would really be neat for Dad's scooter :) Great article.