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It almost seems as if you wish and ask for it enough, eventually someone will make it. The more people ask for the same thing the sooner something will be done to make it happen. At least such is the case for a solar powered A/C.

It isn't just wishful thinking or eco-friendly gossip anymore. A useable solar powered A/C is finally available for use. Not so much to the general public just yet but so far to McDonald's and the US Navy. Imagine the possibilities. Who can we thank for this? We can thank Greencore.

The Greencore patented GC 10200, made in the USA with eco-friendly materials comes in two models. One is a stationary; the other is a mobile version, which requires the use of batteries. This green A/C is set up so that when the sun doesn't shine it runs off the batteries that run off the power grid. In other words, it's a hybrid A/C that can switch from solar to battery easily.

"Using a single 170-watt solar panel, it can keep a 600 square-foot room cool" (Treehugger ). A 600 square-foot room is about the size of a modular classrooms, a small mobile home, a single (sometimes double) room apartment, military tents, my entire downstairs which includes my office, living room, dining room, etc. This is wonderful.

According to the Greencore website , "the amount of AC electricity needed to fully charge the batteries for three hours is less than the energy required for a typical coffee maker". That's pretty impressive considering how much electricity is needed to power even the most energy efficient AC today. In addition Greencore's AC units power up without contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. So, not only is the Greencore A/C environmentally friendly it will help people and business save hundreds of dollars on their electric bill. The Greencore AC is also available with optional heating components making winter heating a little greener too.

How well do they work? Thanks to McDonald's and the US Navy we will soon find out. A McDonald's franchisee has bought Greencore air conditioners and will be installing them in a McDonald's Restaurant to "reduce energy usage and related monthly operating costs" To read more about McDonald's and Greencore's team effort visit CNN. Also take a look at how the US Navy plans to use Greencore A/C units.

And to think I was actually feeling extremely guilty for eating at this very unhealthy and not eco-friendly place today for the first time in over a year. Who knows maybe McDonald's is taking a step in the right direction. What do you think?

Via Treehugger and Greencore

Aug 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Freaking Brilliant.

It was only a matter of time. I'm knee deep in ideas for making this work sort of "ramshackle" with existing solar components because it is only the invention that makes the most sense of all time. Shiny sun = High Heat. High Heat, in turn, = High Energy consumption. Solar power can mean Shiny Sun = High Energy Output.

Duh! Right?

Heating in the winter is a lot more complicated, and while solar can be a solution in sunny southern ca where I live, it may be less of a solution elsewhere due to cloudy conditions and the like. Solving the need for grid power for A/C would reduce energy costs over the year by 50%, and is a win-win in so many ways the idea literally hurts.