Solar Powered Apparel: Chic or Geek?

If solar powered gadgets were inconspicuously integrated into apparel or integrated into clothing in such a way that it looked more chic than geek would you wear it? Maybe you like the eco-geek gadget look. Not sure? Take a look at the cool solar powered apparel gadgets below to find out.

1. Elegant Solar Powered Necklace

via Knostfactvia Knostfact


The main and only jewel of this elegant accessory called LUX is small solar panels that go around the neck. The necklace, designed by Mae Yokoyamis, is equipped with LEDs and is powered by solar energy. Just 2 hours of sunshine during the day is enough to illuminate the embedded LED lights in the necklace during the night.

2. Solar Powered Nifty Necktie

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This black and gray Solar Powered Necktie was designed by researchers at Iowa State University and can be accompanied with the solar powered jacket. The tie itself has a pouch in the back of it to hold and power a cell phone. Because the tie has a pocket it easier to keep track of the cell phone  (unless the tie is lost which would be an expensive loss) and the cell phone can always be charged, no more "I ran out of battery" excuses.  


3. Solar Powered Ugly Sunglasses

via Yanko Designsvia Yanko Designs

The SIG short for, Self-Energy Converting Sunglasses is a prototype of solar powered sunglasses designed by Hyun-Joong Kim and Kwang-Seok Jeong. The SIG has dye solar cells integrated into the lenses, "collecting energy and making it able to power your small devices through the power jack at the back of the frame." The glasses are big and not very attractive but the potential to harness energy with an object that is in constant placement of solar light is a great.  


4. Solar Powered Super Short Dress

via Inhabitatvia Inhabitat

This super short dress called Day-for-Night, designed by Despina Papadopoulos, is made of 436 white circuit boards that are linked together with metal rings. The dress, embedded with Solar cells on some of the tiles, charges itself by daylight and illuminates at night. Sure the dress is a bit revealing, but not as much as the next solar powered clothing item.



5. Solar Powered Keeps You Hydrated Bra



This bra, not meant for sale, is also powered by the sun. The solar panel is worn around the stomach. Like most other solar fashion the solar bra can power an Ipod and in addition it can powers a scrolling LED display mounted above the panel. The bra is made of high quality organic cotton that has met the international textile safety standard "Eco-Tex and it is equipped with two refillable pouches (one on each boob), so you wont have to go thirsty in the heat while charging up.

So what is your solar style, solar chic or solar geek? Maybe it's both? Either way solar powered apparel isn't going away. So you can look forward to the coming years of more solar powered apparel charging all your gadgets.

May 13, 2009
by Anonymous

Still waiting for chic

I liked the super short dress because it was a super short dress other than that it was a little odd. I wouldn't wear it but this is a concept that will take a little time to work out. I'm sure sooner or later something like this will be common.