Solar Powered Fan Hat: Wearable Gadget Looks and Feels Cool

Spring is in the air, and it's time to start shopping for those unique fashions to build your spring and summer wardrobe. A geeky new wearable gadget, the solar powered fan hat, is the perfect fashion accessory for spring or summer; with its trucker design, it both looks and feels cool.

The solar powered fan hat is a spring fashion accessory that isn't exactly subtle, and while you may not think it looks as cool as your favorite Prada purse or new couture scarf, it will definitely make you feel cool, quite literally. The trucker style cap has a hole cut into the brim so the blades of the fan can be pointed directly at your overheating forehead when the weather is hot. Unlike many wearable gadgets, this unique fashion item is solar powered by a solar panel which looms on the top of the hat, and is connected to the fan with a wire that runs through the cap's fabric.

Available in a variety of colors, this weird and wacky wearable gadget retails for $85 USD, so if your pride won't stand in the way between you and your very own solar powered fan hat, you'd better start saving your pennies to get your hands on this strange fashion accessory for spring and summer.

: The solar powered fan hat is now dramatically less expensive and can be found on Amazon for about $20. Many other styles of solar powered fan hats are now also available.

Via: Travelizmo

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Mar 13, 2009
by Anonymous


good for elderly those who can get overheated (including younger people but mostly elderly) easily. Then again those who really need it at times cant afford it. There is others have suggested other similar stuff.

Mar 13, 2009
by Chris Weiss

That is the goofiest looking

That is the goofiest looking thing I've seen in a while. Couldn't you cool your head by not wearing a hat at all?

Mar 14, 2009
by Anonymous


without a hat/cap you could get heatstroke/sunstroke or what it's called. The same if you overheat but wear a cap/hat so a fan is a good thing.

Mar 16, 2009
by Anonymous


that is one of the goofiest things that i have ever seen! you know that dumb american tourests are going to wear these with their crocs and (i <3 america) t-shirts to EVERY foreign country, oh and doing forget the jorts( jean shorts)! wow just another way to make americans look stupid lol we represent our country sooooooooo well this day and age..... i wish i was austrailian.