Solar Powered Fashion: Silvr Lining's GO Collection

Silvr Lining: Eco-Conscious FashionSilvr Lining: Eco-Conscious Fashion

Silvr Lining clothing company believes that we as humans "have the choice of a brighter future due to humankind's indomitable optimism, pragmatism, and ability to continually innovate new solutions to evolving problems."  While the future of our environment may seem bleak, this clothing company contends our ability to endure is a silver lining amid a dark time.

Silvr Lining: Solar-Powered Cargo PantsSilvr Lining: Solar-Powered Cargo Pants

Silvr Lining offers several collections and varieties of futuristic, high-tech, and high-priced apparel, but perhaps their most forward-thinking line is their "GO Collection," which includes built-in solar panels.  That's right, solar-powered clothing.  Each item in this line harvests solar energy to power your on-the-go electronic devices.  Made from vegan "Ultrasuede" material, which is manufactured from 100% ultra-microfiber, the GO collection offers eco-conscious urbanites solar-powered utility vests, director's jackets, topper coats, and cargo pants.  Color options include either olive or stone grey solar cell paneling.  

Silvr Lining: Solar-Powered Director's Jacket and Topper CoatSilvr Lining: Solar-Powered Director's Jacket and Topper Coat

The 2 to 6 pockets on each piece account for the solar panel sources, but fear not - extra units can be purchased separately.  The 6x8" power units are USB 2.0 compliant and said to produce "precise power."  Unfortunately, precisely how much power is not divulged on their site.  The separately-purchased solar booster is said to cut charging time in half.  Unfortunately, this booster panel will not fit in one of your six pockets, but can be carried separately in a bag.  Hopefully Silvr Lining will come out with a matching solar-powered messenger bag.

Silvr Lining: Solar-Powered Booster PanelSilvr Lining: Solar-Powered Booster Panel

Silvr Lining designer Sandra Garrat teamed up with Project Runway designer Andrae Gonzalo and a Saville Row English tailor to create the GO Collection.  Assistance with the technical aspects was offered by several MIT "techies."

While I wasn't surprised to learn the clothing is expensive, I was shocked by just how expensive.  Surely a $944 utility vest isn't going to pay for itself simply by foregoing electrical outlets.  That director's jacket will run you $1180, the topper coat - $1260, and the cargo pants - $920.  I guess looking like a space age hoodlum comes with a heavy price tag.

Silvr Lining Solar-Powered ClothingSilvr Lining Solar-Powered Clothing

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