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Hurricane Ike came and went and in between left a lot of people, among other things, without electricity for days (some people weeks). If you have ever had to live without electricity you know it isn't impossible to do, but it is a hassle and it does take a lot of rethinking on how to stay cool and keep fresh food. Those who could afford it had the option of using gasoline-powered generators and the very lucky had the opportunity to use the Solar Stik.

The Solar Stik is a portable lightweight solar generator. It weighs about 100 pounds, can be set up in about 5- 10 minutes by a single person. It can be securely mounted to a surface with screws or left free standing and can be connected with another Solar Stik and have accessories added to it. "If used in a heavy duty application, the Solar StikTM System can usually be expanded to meet demands, but it can also be interfaced with a traditional AC power sources by using the Pro-Verter Pak, which will lessen the burden of constant generator operation."

Are they better than gasoline powered generators? If you have ever had the opportunity to use a gasoline generator or live next to some who does you know how noisy they are. The noise last as long as the generator runs. You also know that it takes a lot of gasoline to keep the generator running and if you watch the news you know how dangerous these generators can be when not used where there is proper ventilation. All in all as handy as they are they really don't power all that much for what you pay.

The Solar Stik, on the other hand, according to the Solar Stik website operates quietly. It is also cheaper than a gasoline generator since it does not continuously need to be refueled or maintained. The "solar generator generates power all day and stores it in batteries, and then supplies that "stored" power to the connected appliances as needed," whereas a "fuel-driven generator must be operating in order to supply any power to its appliances". In addition the Solar Stik emits no harmful fumes. This makes it safer for us to use and cleaner for the environment.

How well does it power? According to the Solar Stik website, "on average, with a sunny day and proper solar panel orientation, you can expect to harness about 80 Amp-hours per day." This isn't just a concept either. During hurricane Ike the Solar Stik was successfully used in Galveston. To see what I mean take a look at the press release here .

For more information on the Solar Stik visit the FAQs here .

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Jan 17, 2009
by Anonymous

80 Ah, and what?

"about 80 Amp-hours per day" -- sounds good, but unfortunately has no meaning without a voltage given…