Solar Powered Jacket Recharges Your Gadgets

I am no geek, but I do like to carry my mobile and iPod around wherever I go. The trouble usually starts when I run out of battery and can find no power source to recharge.

Zegna Sport Solar JKTZegna Sport Solar JKTThis new jacket from the house of Ermenegildo Zegna Holditalia SpA (Zegna) promises a sure solution to all recharge solutions

I really like the subtlety of the Zegna Sport Solar JKT with solar panels that are smoothly incorporated into its collar. The jacket has 9×5.5 cm silicon-based polycrystalline solar modules integrated into its collar which are capable of converting 1 watt of sunlight. If you are thinking about cumbersome cables running through the jacket, fret not as all the electrical juice is conducted through special textile cables that flex and move with your body.


One can plug a cell phone or MP3 player directly into the jacket, or, the other option is to use the onboard battery which takes up to eight hours to charge. The 70×60x13mm, 100g built-in battery can store extra power for later use, or directly charge your mobile phone or iPod in about four hours - but takes from four to eight hours to fully charge-up. A 5-volt USB connection is available to charge your iPod and a 6-volt connection for your mobile phone.

Now here's a jacket I would love to own.

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