Solar Powered Orangutan Can Climb Miles of Rope - In Theory...

 The Postmodern SimianThe Postmodern Simian


This is the Solar Climbing Orangutan.  And while it looks more like some sort of monkey in body armor, this little guy can really climb.  Check this out:

The key to it's power is light (and yes, I know that's an obvious statement--it is solar powered...).  Sort'a like how Superman gets his powers from our sun, this little orangutan draws energy from light sources to move across the cable.  Pretty cool.  In theory you could set up a string that goes across the Grand Canyon and, weather permitting, this little guy would clamber across it with no problem.

Of course it would be easier just to have it tool across your office, powered by a 100 watt light.  Running a string across the Grand Canyon would be quite annoying.

What I like most about this toy is that you have to build it.

It's hard to figure out which pieces are internal organs...It's hard to figure out which pieces are internal organs...

Despite the number of parts, the Solar Orangutan can be put together in about 20 minutes with just a screwdriver.  Not too difficult.  I've had model spaceships with more parts.

This little guy reminds me of a little robot build by Panasonic to promote a new line of batteries; and it actually DID climb the Grand Canyon!  You can check that out here!

You can get the way cool Solar Orangutan at ThinkGeek.

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