Solar Powered Outdoor Workspace

Believe it or not, many people love their jobs, but it's the location of where they must do their job that can make the job unpleasant. Cubicles, claustrophobic offices, dark libraries, rooms with no windows and dull lighting, next to dried up plants, or surrounded by stale air can drive the sanest worker insane. A little daylight, fresh air, and greenery would do wonders to a workers mentality and perhaps even increase work productivity. What if there was a way to combine work, fresh air and sunshine?

You could grab a laptop, step outside, find a wide tree, sit down and place your laptop on your lap. It will work. It's uncomfortable, but it will work, unless of course you run out of batteries and then you're uncomfortable and out of power. Or you can take a seat at this solar powered outdoor workspace created by Mathias Schnyder.

The solar powered outdoor workspace is basically a chair with solar roof that retains and converts solar energy. The energy is then delivered to an outlet in the middle of a round table in front of the chair.

The seat has circular segment, allowing people to sit across from each other or right next to each other without funky edges or corners getting in the way. This also helps to reduce wind and sun exposure. In other words, a group of these chairs can be placed around one of these tables.

I found no information on whether the table is expandable or if it has more than one outlet available for everyone that uses it at one time. There is also no information on the price or the availability of this solar powered outdoor workspace.

The solar powered outdoor workspace can be placed just about anywhere outside: university campus, patio, deck, terrace, backyard, or on office landscape. The idea is, you choose where you want to go, place your chair there and then get to work in a more relaxing, refreshing and brighter environment.

I feel better just thinking about it. What do you think of this solar invention? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Via Cool Green Gadgets