Solar Rover From Great Gizmos Uses Sun, Makes Fun

The British Toy and Hobby association has released its list of great toys for the 2011 year and one of their top picks under the "creative" category is the Great Gizoms Solar Rover robot. Time for some Sun n' Fun!

Eco-friendly toys are rapidly becoming a lucrative business for toymakers and British toy manufacturer Great Gizmos has created an entire line of solar-powered robots and devices to keep kids entertained even while they learn, and the Solar Rover is a great example of what a good solar-powered toy design can do.

Right now, the toy can be viewed at the Great Gizmos site and purchased at the UK version of Amazon, though it hasn't quite made it across the pond just yet - even Solar Rovers take time to cross the Atlantic Ocean!

The kit sells for around $25 American (or will, at any rate) and features step-by-step instructions on how to completely assemble the Rover from scratch. Once all of the axles, wheels and body parts have been correctly placed, the Rover can be left out in the sun to power up and will then navigate itself around until the battery is exhausted.

Make no mistake - this is not a toy for young children, nor is it a remote-controlled wonder. It would be great for a child with a mechanical inclination or one what wonders what kind of things the sun and solar panels can do. It is excellent for teaching basic mechanical and force principles as well as explaining how solar energy is stored and converted. According to the Great Gizmos Web site, the instructions included are comprehensive and robust, meaning that an older child an parent should have no trouble putting this together and enjoying the sunny fruits of their labors.

We're pleased to see Eco-toys on the way up, and are confident the Rover will power its sunny way into mainstream child enjoyment soon enough.

Source: Great Gizmos