Solar-Powered Cycle Computer Greens Up Your Life


Cycling is already the pinnacle of green living, so why not up the eco-factor on all your cycling gear? The Solar Bicycle Odometer serves just like any other cycling computer, but it provides the option of solar power. It'll keep you informed and eco-friendly on each and every ride.

As far as cycling goes, the computer provides all the important performance information that you need: speed, distance, maximum speed, average speed and calorie consumption. The device also offers a 12- or 24-hour clock. A night light keeps your readings visible on those late-evening commutes. 

The computer can operate on solar power or with one 3V CR2032 battery. So if you're riding all day out in the sun, take advantage of nature's energy source and cut your footprint even more.

The computer costs just $19.69. You can find more information about it and order here.

Via: Coolest Gadgets