Solar-Powered Lantern Is No Joke

Remember the overused joke about the solar-powered flashlight from grade school? That one was sure used to torture whatever ethnic or social group was the target of the times, mostly the Polish. How did the Polish ever get such a reputation for being slow-witted, anyhow? I've known plenty of intelligent, hard-working Polish folks and yet these silly jokes continue to run rampant.

Well, with the recent push for green products in every walk of life, solar-power is becoming the norm and the solar-powered flashlight is no longer a punchline. In fact, the Polish should consider taking credit with pride. They'll look quite prophetic. The submarine with screen door, on the other hand, should be kept under wraps.  


The K-Light LED lantern is a recent incarnation of the solar-powered flashlight. A beautiful multi-use device for camping, the K-Light employs 16 LED bulbs in keeping your campsite flooded with light. A separate 1.5-watt solar panel is used to charge the light by day so that it'll be ready for dusk. One hour of charging equates to one hour of burn time on high or two hours on low, up to 20 hours total burn time from a full charge. With a quick flip of the handle, the K-Light transforms from lantern to flashlight for those occasions that demand a beam. The handle can also be locked in 12 different positions to give you just the right angle you need to read a book, take a pee or tweeze cactus needles from your unmentionables.

In addition to being handy and efficient, the K-Light is also compact and lightweight, great for those looking to cut the bulk. It weighs just 22 ounces and is sized comparably to a can of Pepsi. It's also water-resistant and manufactured tough and durable. It has a 10-year lifespan for those bearded recluses that choose to use it everyday and a lifetime lifespan for those that use it the way most people use a lantern. If you're comfortable with a lantern that could potentially outlive you, you can purchase it for around $50 on Pisat's website.You can also find it at Amazon.

This one's for the Poles! Nostrovia!!

Source: DVICE

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Apr 30, 2009
by Anonymous

It's " Na Zdrowie" and not

It's " Na Zdrowie" and not nostrovia !!!!

May 1, 2009
by Anonymous

Great !!

Wow it's a great lamp.. but somehow I think it's not good stuff too.. 1 hour charge = 1 hour burn time.. it's not too efficient..
by the way, I must say that the idea behind this lamp is so great !! may be this is just a new start for another invention.