Solar-powered Tent Lets You Light Up Your Night


I'm not sure why anyone would want to bring gadgets like laptops and mobile phones on a camping trip. Isn't the entire idea of spending a night in the middle of nowhere to escape work and meddlesome friends that want to talk your ear off for three-hour clips?

However, people still carry their gadgets with them into the woods. If you're going to do so, why not have a power station right in your tent? The Orange Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent uses a body composed of pholtovotaic fabric--specially-coated solar threads woven into an outer fabric. The three adjustable glides can be moved to the optimal position throughout the day to capture the most sunlight. A wireless control hub inside shows the energy level, features a "magnetic induction" recharge station to plug devices into and comes standard with wireless Internet connection.

Some cool features actually helpful in a traditional camping situation are an automatic heated groundsheet, which begins to heat when inside temperatures drop, and a glo-cation device, which allows the user to easily pick out his own tent from the masses of others by using an SMS message to activate glowing of the tent.

Seeing that one of the main alternatives to this solar tent is camping in a minimalist shelter that uses far less production materials and doesn't encourage the user to disturb the sanctity of the outdoors with all kinds of noisy, electrical gadgtets, I'm not sure that the claims of "eco" are all too valid. So much of this sounds like an outlandish concept, it doesn't really matter that much anyway.

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