Solas Lights Bring "Global" Enlightenment




Manchester-based designer Cj O'Neill melds the simplicity of a circle with organic elements to make richly atmospheric statements in ambient lighting. Offset slightly from the wall via specially designed acrylic brackets, Solas wall sconces utilize energy-saving bulbs which shine through their milky shells and cast a warm, halo-like glow.





Gold SolasGold SolasThe variations found within the Solas collections are plentiful. The simplest among them consists of a plain bone china bowl adorned with circles of pinprick-sized piercings which allow the light to shine through. Others involve real gold transfer decorations in leaves and flowers on both the outside and interior of the bowl, adding layers of depth and shadow. The "Feeding Desire" collection uses random sayings along with birds and other patterns to create a strange medley that somehow manages to find harmony. Available in 7- or 10-inch diameters, Solas can be found at select stores in Europe and via private commission.


Feeding Desire TablewareFeeding Desire Tableware
In addition to these fine lighting fixtures, O'Neill also dabbles with the recreation of old dishes, overlaying her own modern prints onto older antique or simply outdated porcelain plates and cups. She also uses waterjet laser cutting to salvage discarded dishes to create one-of-a-kind decorative plates.

Cj O'Neill is a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, and is currently participating in the "Slavery Now: 200 Years" exhibit in Gallery Oldham, in Oldham, Lancashire in the UK.

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