The SOLID: Utility Bike Inspired By Portland, OR

The SOLID Inspired By Portland, ORThe SOLID Inspired By Portland, OR

Yet another competitor in The Bike Design Project, the SOLID, is a utility bike inspired by the city of Portland. Its sleek, elegant design coupled with its many features make it a "solid" mode of transportation for the urban commuter.

Made of 3D printed titanium, the SOLID is not only super strong, but lightweight as well. Using a 3D printed frame also reduces the number of welds in the frame, which enhances the strength of the structure.

The SOLID also comes with a detachable rack in the back, which has an integrated ABUS lock and strapping system. This means you can lug around on the rack when needed, and when you're just exploring your city, you can easily remove the rack. 

Discover My City AppDiscover My City App

Perhaps the coolest feature of the SOLID is the Discover My City app that's integrated into the bike's technology features. You can connect your smartphone to the bike via bluetooth and get real time GPS tracking. This is an invaluable feature to the urban commuter. 

The SOLID empowers its rider to discover their city. The Discover My City app has five adventures, mapped out by the SOLID's team, that allow the user to check out different parts of Portland. With the SOLID's haptic feedback signals, the rider doesn't even have to look at their smartphone to get around with their GPS. The SOLID's handlebars vibrate to guide the rider around town. 


The SOLID was an entry in the Bike Design Project, which pitted 5 teams from 5 different cities against each other to design the best utility bike (check out my blogs on other bikes in the competition: The BLACKLINE, Denny and EVO). Though it didn't win, which means it didn't get funded for mass production, it's still a "solid" design that may yet see the retail floor.