Solid Gold Replica Of Lionel Messi's Foot Priced at $5.25 Million

A solid gold, 25-kilogram (55 pound), anatomically correct replica of Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi's left foot has been put up for sale (effective March 7th, 2013) by the Leo Messi foundation but you'll have to act fast, as it's a limited time offer.

Cast and crafted by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka, a portion of the $5.25 million sale proceeds are earmarked to assist victims of the devastating March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Ginza Tanaka are no strangers to the outrageously sized and priced precious metal keepsake game, having previously displayed a solid platinum Gundam figurine and a 24-karat replica Tokyo Tower among others. This time, however, the stakes, stickers and stock have all been raised to a higher level.

Though there's only one Golden Foot on offer and only until June 6th, 2013 at that), the unique promotional partnership between Ginza Tanaka and the Leo Messi foundation means anyone disappointed by missing out on the main attraction has a number of other ways to go for their own golden goal.

Take the Golden Foot Plate, for example. Priced at a much more reasonable $94,500, this wood-framed imprint of Messi's left foot (the one he scored a world-record 91 goals with) is made from 300 grams (10.58oz) of pure gold and features an engraved autograph. No need to push or shove; 50 individual Golden Foot Plates are up for grabs, each securely ensconced in a duralumin case.

Maybe your walls are already crowded with original Picasso and Rembrandt masterpieces... fear not, Ginza Tanaka's got you covered.

How about a Golden Foot Mini? Bargain-priced at just $42,000 apiece, the 100-gram (3.53oz) miniature Messi metal money-maker is limited to just 100 pieces. Like every Messi collectible in the series including the jumbo Golden Foot, each one comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Leo Messi foundation.

For more information on these unusual products, to view a personal message from Leo the Great and watch a "making of" video, check out Ginza Tanaka's custom-made Golden Foot website. (via Japan Today and Yahoo Sports)