Solitude Bathtub Sets Sail At 100% Design

Ok, so first you're going to ask yourself, what does this Solitude Bathtub have that I don't already have. You know the answer? Everything!

A gaggle of designers, otherwise known as Decaf (short for designers from all over the world with different specialties), have put together the most ingenious, yet, in some ways, obvious, bathtub. Yes, it's where we are supposed to be comfortable! It's where we are supposed to be relaxed. Utterly relaxed! Listening to our own song, bathing in our own environment.

Dare I even print a picture of the bathtub most of us bathe in now?

Well, hats off to Decaf! They've finally got their prototype ready to debut at the 100% Design, and the show selected the Solitude Bathtub as the product of the week.

The Solitude Bathtub, from paper to process to product:



Here are some features of the Solitutude Bathtub that we don't have now:

1. An ergonomic platform to lie on! What a thought! Even our so-called modern baths aren't up to that! You can even read comfortably in the Solitude.

2. Likewise the Solitude Bathtub has comfortable, ergonomic armrests.

3. A sustainable form of energy, aka solar power! That obviates the need to keeping adding hot water to the bath as it cools off. (Solar cells are optional features.)

4. An integrated sound chip with a selection of themes for the ultimate relaxation experience.

5. Mood lights, provided by optional solar cell feature.

6. Personalized sound (IPod hookup) and visual experience, also optional.

7. Believe it or not, Decaf says that anyone can set up the Solitude Bathtub in 10 minutes. (That couldn't include me!)

It looks like the Solitude Bathtub is already a hit of the 100% Design London show and it hasn't even started. 100% Design is September 18 - 21, 2008. Decaf will be at Stand P71.

via DeZona, sources: Decaf, 100% Design, Press releases.



Sep 10, 2008
by Anonymous

I'm not sure...

It looks comfortable but I would be afraid you wouldn't be able to thoroughly clean the bottom of the tub much less the soap scum off the bottom of the lounger.

Sep 10, 2008
by Anonymous

from the designer :)

the seat is not attached, it very light and you can take it out with no problem!

Thanks for the comment :)