SolLight Lightcap: Light Up Your Campsite With A Water Bottle

Given all the gear that you've got to stuff into your trunk on even a short camping trip--tent, stove, firewood, tools, sleeping bags, pillows, clothes, furniture and so on--it's always good to cut out the extras and find gadgets that can do multiple things at once.

Toward that end, the SolLight Lightcap provides two essential functions in one familar package. The light serves as water bottle in the day and lantern at night. So, after a hard night of drinking bourbon by the campfire, you'll be able to find your tent light and cure your cottonmouth in one swift motion. 

As far as a water bottle, the Lightcap is a BPA-free bottle that holds one liter of liquid. It features a wide mouth for convenient pouring, drinking and cleaning.

The light is brought courtesy of four super-bright white LED bulbs powered with a FastSolar solar charger.  The system offers up to eight hours of light on a full charge. 

The Lightcap 300 weighs just 9.7 ounces (bottle and light). It's available for a retail price of $30, not a bad price considering it's a bottle and LED lantern in one package. If you already have your own clear, 2-inch water bottle, you can buy just the solar-powered lighted cap--the Lightcap 200 for $25.

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