Solo Oven Cuts Cooking Down To Size For Single Chefs

Forever alone but never not hungry? The Solo Oven from Recolte makes dinner for one an even more personal experience that, much like your love life, takes up hardly any space and is barely noticeable.

The 26.0 × 22.0 × 24.4cm (roughly 10.5 by 9 by 9.5 inches) Solo Oven looks like  someone chopped a toaster oven in half but actually it's more like a seriously shrunken stove. Let's call it “fun size” even though Recolte won't.

Those of you who enjoyed Kenner's Easy Bake Oven back in the day will find themselves reliving old memories while bemoaning their miserable existence as a non-productive (or non-reproductive) member of society. We kid, of course, marriage can take the concept of misery to entirely new and exquisitely painful levels (or so we've heard) but we digress. 

The Solo Oven comes with a non-stick coated grill plate, a tray, an instruction manual and an illustrated recipe book. The latter, announced with a cheery “Let's Oven Cooking!”, appears to focus on open-face sandwiches with toppings as bizarrely diverse as sardines, pineapple, and spaghetti.

Also pictured are a pair of toast slices with charred happy faces, presumably to mock the single diner in smiling silence while the poor wretch chows down on their spaghetti sandwich. Harsh.

Should you find all of this in any way appealing, then go ahead and choose from White, Stone Gray or Orange to match your humble kitchen's décor scheme. Order yours online from Rakuten or buy it in person at your local LOFT store... and don't forget to pick up a loaf of bread (or two ) on the way home. (Via Jonelle Patrick)