Solowheel Is The Smallest, Greenest People Mover Ever

Riding SolowheelRiding Solowheel

Cars, bikes, segways, scooters, roller skates--what do these have in common? They're "people movers." They all get people where they need to go. The Solowheel is just another people mover, however it may be the smallest, greenest people mover ever.


The Solowheel looks like a cross between a unicycle and a Segway. Technically it is a gyro-stabilized electric unicycle. However, unlike a unicycle, you can maintain your balance on the Solowheel relatively easily. The position of the foot rests puts you close to the ground, and you can rest your legs on its pads.

Inventist SolowheelInventist Solowheel

The Solowheel is about 16 inches tall and only weighs around 25 pounds, making it the smallest electric people mover you can get, and since it is electric, it is also one of the greenest. The electric motor can travel about 10 miles on a single charge and the charging time is only around an hour. You can reach a speed of about 10 miles per hour on the Solowheel. If that makes you nervous about riding it, training wheels are optional. Seriously. And when you've reached your destination, you can store Solowheel just about anywhere, since it is so compact. 

Solowheel would be a great gift for the kids, but the price tag of $1800 may be a little steep. However, if you're looking for a convenient, compact, green mode of transportation for work, Solowheel could fill those shoes. Just take a cyber trip over to Amazon and snag one for your inner child.

Source: Inventist Solowheel

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