Solution To Pet Separation Anxiety: Stay Home!

Does your dog have anxiety attacks when you leave home? Does he tear down your window coverings, bite your door frames, scratch your doors, rip through screen doors and windows? Does your cat pee in your favorite shoes? Refuse to eat or drink until you come home?

Doggles Comfort HeartsDoggles Comfort Hearts


Well Doggles, the company that brought us protective eyeglasses for dogs, claims to have a solution to pet anxiety with its new Comfort line. The products contain “hearts” that beat like your pets' very own mothers.

The battery-operated hearts are included in a pet bed ($40) and stuffed dogs, cats, and heart-shaped toys ($19 each). A human has to activate the heart by opening the bed or toy and turning on the heart battery; then the rhythmic beat can be heard and felt by your pet for up to 30 minutes.

The hearts may calm your pets down, if they are not being torn out (pardon the image). And because a heart cannot recover from being chewed or torn apart, the Comfort instructions say you should not leave your pets alone with the Comfort toys. They may be used with "adult supervision only."

Now that means that you can't leave your pets....

Which means that your pets won't get separation anxiety....

See, the products really work!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee
Animal Blogger

If your pet has Isolation or Separation Anxiety, here are just a few resources on the subject:

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Oct 17, 2007
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