Solutions for Negligent Plant Lovers: The I.V. Planter

As Jim Morrison so aptly phrased it, "The future's uncertain, and the end is always near." Seems to be particularly fitting for the little plant ICU that popped up on my monitor when I found the site for Vitamin, a design company whose slogan boasts "A life less ordinary." That's if you pull through! Just hold on there, dear green friend, and you'll be back producing chlorophyll and sprouting buds in no time. But really. If you need to purchase a ready-made drip for your house plants, that does not bode well for their future. Next purchase will be the headstone for their backyard burial.

H2O, straight up...or downH2O, straight up...or down

But perhaps I'm jumping the gun. The drip feed not only serves as a bit of comic relief but might actually help keep your poor plants alive, especially if you have a tendency to space out on watering them. The feed also has an attachment that lets you adjust the rate of water flow depending on the needs of the plant, and the dwindling supply lets you know when it needs a topping off.

Tab BTab B

So I thought that was it; thought that was all she wrote on the slightly macabre houseplant tip when I happened upon Tab B, which is a planter that sits atop an ashtray. It's progenitor, Tab A, combines a vase and ashtray. Both work to conceal the odor and visual display of the smoking remnants, which is probably a great idea. But combined with the I.V. group, these designs conspire to form a pretty motley crew of plant life. All we need is one with oxygen in tow (or CO2, the plant kingdom equivalent) to complete the picture.

All kidding aside, Vitamin is a jewel of a design company, with several jokey but sleekly modern household accessories in their diverse collection. Definitely worth a peek.

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Feb 21, 2008
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