Solve A Big Problem, Win The Verizon Powerful Answers Award (And $1 Million Bucks!)

If you can solve a huge problem with the help of Verizon’s broadband networking, cloud storage, wireless capabilities or other technology in the fields of health care, education or sustainability, the communications giant will give you up to 1 million dollars to develop the idea!

With $10 million dollars on the line across the three categories and 15 winners in all, innovators are asked to consider how Verizon’s tech can be implemented to take the bite out of some of life’s biggest challenges. Some of the inspirational examples on display include a rolling webcam-enabled robot that was designed to relay the learning experience of a classroom to children who cannot attend in person, and a tablet designed to help medical professionals instantly diagnose bodily problems to first responders before the patient even gets into the ambulance.

While the full rules for the contest can be read here, the basics are that you are to utilize at least one of Verizon’s technologies into your solution and that your big idea aids the health care, education or environmental sustainability issues that mankind currently faces. Make the world a better place, tinker with Verizon’s voice, data, internet and other technologies, and earn a ton of loot for your humanitarian efforts. What’s not to love?

Just be sure to submit your entry into the contest by June 30th and remember that everyone at InventorSpot is wishing you the best of luck!

Source: Verizon Powerful Answers Award, Verizon