Some Extra Boost for the New Challenger

When a new sports car comes out, it is only a matter of time until performance parts begin pouring out to offer a little extra boost. In the case of the new Challenger, the available parts are steadily growing and the latest addition, the SMS 296 Supercharger, looks well worth the money.

SMS Limited, owned by Steve M. Saleen, is the newest high-performance automotive company to go under the Saleen name. Mr. Saleen has more than 30 years of racing experience and he plans on using that the help develop his newest line of parts and kits into another well known enterprise.

But back to the Challenger... The new supercharger will work on both the 5.7 liter and the 6.1 liter HEMI from 2005 and up. It uses a pair of asymmetrical compressor screws in a new patent pending design that according to SMS is "among the most efficient of all supercharger configurations." It will also feature an internal intercooler that is designed to produce a more equal and consistent temperature.

The whole system was also designed to fit under the stock hood with no alterations to the stock positioning. It rests neatly between the cylinder banks and sits low enough to clear the hood with enough allowance for movement while driving. SMS also managed to equip the new kit with a system for bypassing the supercharger when you feel like cruising along at highway speeds.

This is SMS's first product in their new line of high-performance accessories. They claim gains of up to 45% over stock and also plan on outfitting the SMS 570 Challenger as well as the SMS 570X Challenger with the same supercharger configuration. Applications for the kit will range from 500 to up over 700 wheel horsepower. If that doesn't keep you occupied, I'm not sure what will.

Via : SMS Limited