Some Like It Smooth - Five Silky, Smooth Ads

If silky, smooth is the message you are looking to get across with your product, look at what these advertisers did:

To advertise smooth shaving:

1. Smooth Shave

According to Ads of the World, this extra long poster features a clean white space sandwiched between 2 dark strips of ‘hair’. At the far end of this poster is the razor, signifying that Schick razors can always be depended on to give you an ultra smooth shave.

Source: Ads of the World

2. a manly way

Bouncing off the smooth aspect of eggshells, egg boxes in Brussels were taken in hand by the Wilkinson Quattro Titanium. According to Ads of the World, the masculine faces on the eggs were printed on transparent stickers and then stuck to the eggs. An advertising flyer with a promotion on the back was put in every box.

Source: Ads of the World

For the promotion of smooth skin:

3. Smooth Skin

Lux shower gel wanted to sell their silky smooth effects on skin. By placing the ad directly on the ice, it felt as though people were skating on her back...a very smooth surface.

Source: Ads of the World

How about these promotions for smooth, silky hair?

4. Smooth Hair

Livon hair care, to promote the silky, smooth results, used these playground slides to get their message across.

Source: Ads of the World

5. Silky, Smooth and Shiny

To promote their line of hair products, Pantene used the empty space between two escalators. You could actually touch the silky, smooth hair and your rides up and down.

Source: Ads of the World

What do you this of these creative ways to get the smooth message across?

What other products can use silky, smooth forms of advertising besides hair and skin care products?

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Mar 13, 2008
by Diana Eid

Interesting ads

Great article. I love the eggs, they are so cute! It's amazing what they come up with for ads.