SomeRightsReserved: Blueprint Distribution Follows In Music Industry’s Footsteps

Music distribution has been revolutionized as various companies have tried to come up with viable SomeRightsReservedSomeRightsReservedoptions that encourage people to get their hands on music and downloads legally, in turn cutting down on piracy. Bet you didn't know that the same issue is prevalent in the world of blue prints, and now one innovative company is modeling their business after the way music distribution has changed.

SomeRightsReserved allows people to purchase and download blueprints for just about any project; from architectural designs, to blueprints for simple household items. SomeRightsReserved eliminates the black market of blueprint distribution by allowing those with a vision to download plans for whatever it is they'd like to create, and then show it to a professional of their choice to have it made with no limitations.

The company is receiving attention for their reinvention of a concept that we are all familiar with in the music industry - but tell me; do you think there's as much of a demand for blueprints as there is for music in an underground market gone legal?

Aug 5, 2009
by Anonymous

there is hardly any real blueprints!!!!!!!

just how to instructions for highly questionable and localized items or things. Not even remotely having anything to do with real blueprints to buil anything of real value.

Too lofty a goal? or just a clever pr to get people to visit.

If a press release talks about offering a cure for cancer but gives you instead advice to take aspiring to soothe the pain.....misleading! wouldn't you say?

Aug 5, 2009
by Anonymous

Niche market only

Limited Niche for Music style CD Blueprints.
Great for
Patent attorneys

All in one Blueprints, graphics, Biz Plan in One is Nice but Limited.