Something's Fishy Here... The Top 'Ate' Strangest Sushi

Nemo... it's Japanese for "tasty"!Nemo... it's Japanese for "tasty"!
Sushi - It's delicious, nutritious and made from fishes, but for some folks that's just not enough. Ignoring the traditional mother's maxim of "Don't play with your food!" and then taking it to a whole new level, we present the Top 'Ate' Strangest Sushi.


8) Chocolate Sushi

Sushi isn't for everyone, and there are those who've just got something against raw fish or confectionery that looks like raw fish - which happens to describe this item. White and dark chocolate, fruit-flavored butter cream and crispy rice biscuits are artfully molded to resemble the real deal. Imagine getting one of these sushi gift sets from someone... Sweet! (via Suedy's Koo-Ki Sushi)

7) Sushi Tire Cover

I'd hate to be driving behind this guy if i was late for dinner and stuck in traffic... yep, i've been hungry enough to try and eat a maki sushi roll that big! Seriously though, Montreal sushi franchise Yuzu Sushi has hit on a very "tasteful" and no doubt effective way to advertise their wares. Having a sushi tire cover also beats wrapping the Jeep in seaweed. What i want to know is, do the windshield washer nozzles squirt soy sauce? (via Kirsief)

6) Poochie Sushi

"Nothing but the best for my dog", to quote Frank Zappa, but I'm sure the late maestro never thought of Poochie Sushi. These all-natural, sushi-shaped dog biscuits come to us courtesy of Canine Styles and cost $19 per package. That may be more expensive than REAL sushi. Were these made specially for Leona Helmsley's mutt & heir? (via Canine Styles)

5) Sushi USB

Sushi USB and it's close cousin, Dim Sum USB, have been around for a while but still seem fresh... and look fresh, thanks to their uber-realistic look formed from molded plastic. Having a fried shrimp hanging out of your computer looks cool too, unless your workstation is a complete pigsty in which case it probably won't even be noticed. (You can buy the sushi usb pieces here.)



4) LEGO Sushi

Kudos to "Big Daddy" Nelson (and his wife, who made the wasabi) for creating this mouthwatering sushi serving from LEGO bricks and bits. Perhaps he should now move from sushi preparation to making breakfast foods from LEGO, just so we can say "Leggo my LEGO Eggo!" (via "Big Daddy" Nelson)

3) Knit Sushi

Knit one, pearl two, eat three... thanks to Amy Polcyn of MAG Knits, you too can knit your way to sushi heaven. If you're an utter knit-wit, just follow the link on the Craftzine page to learn how to knit a sushi toilet paper cozy. Because now it's OK to introduce food to the bathroom environment. (via Craftzine)

2) Human Sushi

This estrogen-enhanced platter ought to set the women's liberation movement back to the Victorian era. Meet Rachael Biggs, model by day and human sushi platter by night. Diners at Hadaka Sushi can be forgiven for being asked, "Is that a chopstick in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" As for Rachael, you can't accuse her of lying down on the job... lying down IS her job! Erm, in a good way, of course. (via the New York Times)

1) Shrunken Head Sushi

Heading (sorry) the list are 8 edible shrunken heads of the futomaki variety. This odd octet looks good enough for a cannibal - or even a Hannibal - to eat and will make you the hero of the cafeteria, mess hall or cell block. Note the raw salmon "ropes" used to string the heads. (via Militant Platypus)

And that ends our list of "ate" strange sushi creations too good to eat.

Oh, there are more out there... sushi magnets, sushi erasers, sushi Christmas tree ornaments, probably even some weird sushi drink - but there's always a next time and, as the saying goes, there's always more fish in the sea!

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Aug 13, 2008
by Anonymous

So many bad puns, it should

So many bad puns, it should be on the Food Network.